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Hair Extensions


Full Head ONLY $549

Half Head ONLY $349


3 Rows
50 - 80gms of Hair

20% Off Extra Services

20% Off Keratin and Colour
On the day of your service


5 Rows
110gms of Hair


No Heat, No Glue,
No Weavng

Custom Made Clip In Extensions - $350

Measured to your scalp
Last for years


30 Minutes for Half Head

Fringe & Partial Extensions Available

Add a fringe
Lengthen extra short hair

Huge Range of Colours

Huge Range of Colours




What type of Hair Extensions do you apply?

100% Remy Human Hair Weft Extensions

At Travis George Hair we offer Weft Hair Extensions and use the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair available in Sydney.

The hair we apply is considered to be the finest quality human hair, as the cuticle of the hair shaft runs in only one direction. This is why our hair looks and feels natural and is silky, soft and tangle free.
Our Hair Extensions are Machine Double Drawn, which ensures that the hair is equal length from top to bottom. This means there is 100% consistent thickness from the roots to the ends and the hair is not wispy and thin.

If you are looking for the most exceptional quality Sydney Human Hair Extensions then Travis George Hair has the perfect selection for you.

How Long Do They Take To Apply?

30 mins - 1 hour

Our Half Head of Extensions takes approximately 30 minutes to apply and our Full Head takes approximately 45 minutes.

We also ask that you allow 20 minutes for our team to trim the Hair Extensions, as we want to make sure that they are fully blended with your natural hair. Your Style Cut is free with your Hair Extensions application.

Will The Hair Extensions Cause Damage To My Natural Hair?

No, they are 100% safe.

At Travis George Hair we attach the Human Hair Extensions with silicon lined micro beads. The silicon beads have a soft texture and were designed to protect the natural hair, so as to avoid any damage (e.g. breakage, splitting). The beads are gently clipped in, using a light weight tool.

When the Hair Extensions are removed the natural hair will be in exactly the same condition as it was before the Hair Extensions were applied.

Our clients can have trust that the Hair Extensions will not cause damage or destroy the natural hair.
Visit our Application Video below to see a full overview of our process, including the Hair Extensions Removal Process. Our video will show that there is zero damage to natural hair.

What Lengths Are Available?

18-20 inches

Our Hair Extensions come in 18-20 inches, as we have found that this is the most popular length with the women of Sydney.

We also try to determine whether the client is looking to achieve thickness and / or length.

Before the client leaves our salon, we trim the Hair Extensions to suit the natural length of the hair but always check before doing so. Our main goal is to ensure that the Hair Extensions look as natural as possible.

Can The Hair Extensions Be Curled And Straightened?

Yes, you can treat them like your natural hair.

Absolutely. The Hair Extensions can be treated exactly as normal hair would be treated.

Our Human Hair Extensions can be styled, blowdryed, straightened or curled.

We would always suggest that extreme heat is not applied to either the natural hair or to the Hair Extensions. High heat can dry hair out, cause damage and also reduce the overall lifespan of the hair. The less heat that is applied to hair (natural or extensions), the better its general condition.

Also, don’t forget to always use a Heat Protector Serum when applying heat to hair (on natural hair or hair extensions) as this will provide additional protection.

Can The Hair Extensions Be Coloured?

Yes, they can be darkened in colour.

As a general rule Hair Extensions can be darkened but preferably not lightened. Although some salons will lighten the extensions, doing so can potentially damage the hair.

At Travis George Hair we don’t need to colour our Hair Extensions, as we have over 30 colours in stock to choose from and we have Hair Extensions Specialists who are experts at matching our Hair Extensions Colours to the natural hair.

We also have a Mix and Match Colour Service, where we can blend a range of colours to create a different look.

What Colours Do The Hair Extensions Come In?

We have 30+ Colours Available

At Travis George Hair we have a huge range of Hair Extensions Colours to choose from. We can also Mix and Match Colours to create your desired effect.

When you visit our salon we will match the colour to your natural hair or you are welcome to drop into our salon for a consultation and to view our range of colours.

How Often Should The Hair Extensions Be Reapplied?

Approx. 12 Weeks

We suggest that the Hair Extensions are reapplied approximately every 10-12 weeks. This is only a guide and will largely depend on how quickly the natural hair grows.

As a rule, the Hair Extensions can stay in until the hair grows out and they beads start to move away from the scalp.

Does My Natural Hair Have to Be A Certain Length?

Any length below ear lobes

There are no rules regarding the length that the natural hair needs to be but in order for the Hair Extensions to look effective, we suggest that the natural hair reaches close to the ear lobes.

At Travis George Hair we can make the Hair Extensions look great with naturally short hair but generally, the shorter the natural hair, the shorter the Hair Extensions need to be. It is our aim to provide great lengths but we also want to be sure that the client does not leave with a “mullet” hairstyle.

After the Hair Extensions Application Process, our experienced stylists cut the hair so that they blend with the natural hair. The process of layering the hair (and Hair Extensions) is most effective in creating a natural look.

How Do I Maintain The Hair Extensions?

We have created an After Care Sheet which explains how to best maintain your Hair Extensions. Visit this link for the PDF detailing our Handy Tips for Hair Extensions Maintenance.

Do You Sell Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Yes, we offer Clip-In Extensions.

We sell Clip In Hair Extensions which are exactly the same quality hair as our Weft Hair Extensions.

The Clip Ins are available in a range of lengths and we have 30+ hair colours to choose from.

We can also tailor make the Clip In Hair Extensions based on your preferences. You can have 1 large clip in piece or 3 smaller pieces.

Don’t forget, we offer a service where can visit our salon to have your Clip In Extensions layered to blend with your natural hair.

Also, for those that have our Weft Hair Extensions, once you are finished with them, we can easily transform them into our high quality Clip Ins.

We stock only the finest quality Clip In Hair Extensions which are the same hair quality as our Weft Hair Extensions.

Our Clip In Hair Extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths and we have an exciting range of hair colours to suit the majority of hair types.

We can also tailor make the Clip In Hair Extensions to suit each client e.g. 1 piece or 3 pieces.

We also offer a service where you are able to drop into our Sydney Human Hair Extension Salon (in Camperdown) we can layer the Clip In Extensions, along with your natural hair to ensure a more natural looking graduation.

For those that have our Weft Hair Extensions, once you are finished with them, we can easily transform them into our high quality Clip Ins.

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